eSports and New Digital Technologies: Ongoing and Future Legal Challenges



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15-16 May 2018, Miami Beach

eSports and New Digital Technologies: Ongoing and Future Legal Challenges

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eSports: Ongoing Legal Challenges

In recent years, eSports has become more than a simple fashion or a trend. It has become a real social phenomenon. Many factors (number of viewers, age of these viewers, number of gamers...) also suggest that eSports will, in a few years, be comparable to any other traditional sport. 

But it is not a sport, or at least not a sport like the others. From a legal point of view, some analogies are possible. Other aspects are very particular, especially with regard to the environment of eSports, which is itself very different from the classic world of sports.

While many economic players invest in the sport, it is absolutely necessary that they know the legal constraints and opportunities of this new and changing world.

IP Protection, Investment and Sponsorship, Broadcasting and Online Streaming rights, Data, Electronic Security... The "eSports Legal Session" aims to address the hot debated on-going challenges that are specific to eSports.

Harris Peskin

Harris Peskin
Associate Attorney

Julien Taieb

Julien Taieb
Head of Legal and Public Affairs

David Wu

David Wu
Partner/Head of Sports Law Department


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New Digital Technologies: Tomorrow's Legal Challenges

New digital technologies are completely changing the way we understand sport. This is valid for the broadcast of sports events with the advent of the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, the rise of OTT and new techniques to enhance fans’ experience and track sporting performance.

These new technologies even change the way athletes train, perform, manage their careers and tackle the risk of injury.

There is no doubt that in a few years we will not watch or practice sports as we do today...

Legally speaking, the issues are numerous and crucial. We are clearly facing new legal challenges.

David Foster

David Foster
Deputy General Counsel

Hans Hertell

Hans Hertell
Special Counsel

Kevin Glidewell

Kevin Glidewell
Assistant General Counsel


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Ronan David
Ronan David
Chief Editor

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